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Bad Democratic Policies = Trouble | Schaftlein Report

Bad Democratic Policies = Trouble | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Gary Demar – American Vision President ( )
1) Senator Manchin signals he is in no hurry to support the Fake Infrastructure Build Back Better Bill – Says in 2022, it can be considered
2) Bad Policies and False Promises are leading Biden to approval range of 38-42%
3) Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers suggests the administration needs to allow Energy Production to increase
*The U.S. is currently producing 2.0M barrels of oil a day less than when Trump was President
4) John Kerry LIES – No more coal by 2030 when we have a 100 year supply. Carbon Free by 2035 is a whopper
5) CPI of 6.2% and PPI of 8.6% suggest Inflation is NOT transitory
6) Washington Post – Democrats are LYING about CRT not being taught in our schools
7) Rittenhouse Case has turned into a Political Trial – Hakeem Jeffries – “Lock him up and throw away the key”
*Judge admonishes the Prosecutor – Is mistrial or even Dismiss with prejudice next?
8) BLM leader threatens to Riot, set building on fire and cause bloodshed if NYC returns to fighting crime as Mayor Eric Adams has promised
9) In LA, citizens warned to cooperate and comply with robbers. District Attorney George Gascon releases a murderer after 6 years of a 50-year sentence without notifying the victims family

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