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Back in the USSR | Schaftlein Report

Back in the USSR | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Joe Visconti – Emmy Award Winning Producer
1) NATO is united against Russia
2) Biden sanctions Russian elites, banks and Russian Debt – Military aid to follow?
*No sanctions against Putin? Just the first step?
3) Russia supplies 40% of Europe’s Natural Gas – There are 2 pipelines that run through Belarus and Ukraine – Ukraine is paid $2B annually
*The Russians view Ukraine joining or partnering with NATO as an economic existential threat
4) 60 of Russian exports are Oil and Natural gas – 40% of Russia’s total budget comes from oil and gas
5) The U.S. now imports 4M barrels of oil a day to meet the refining needs of increased gasoline demand – Prices of energy will go up
*Heavy oil is imported versus lighter oil produced here in the U.S
**We produce 11.6M barrels per day which is up 6% over last year despite the Biden Administration’s efforts to curb fossil fuels in their pursuit of green energy
6) 14 GOP Attorney Generals call for DHS Secretary Mayorkas to Resign for failing to secure the border
7) Sen. McConnell feels the 2022 midterms will be a reflection on the Biden Administration failures
8) Senator Rick Scott presents an 11-point plan including some of the following:
a. Reduce the size of the Federal Government
b. National Voter ID laws
c. Border Wall named after Trump
d. Recognize only 2 genders men and women
e. Educate Kids, Salute the flag, no revisionist history, pledge of allegiance
f. No discrimination based on color of skin
g. Fight crime in cities

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