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Average Gas Price Hits $5.00 | Schaftlein Report

Average Gas Price Hits $5.00 | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( )
1) 13 straight days of increase prices at the pump – YIKES
*Jet Fuel prices spike
**Biden considering trip to Saudi Arabia – Why not support American oil and gas companies?
2) Morning Consult Poll shows Biden at New All Time Low at 39%, Disapproval at 58%
a. In the same poll one month ago, the President was at 42%
b. Biden’s base of youth, women, minorities and unions are slowly abandoning him
c. Only 27% believe the country is going in the right direction – Who are these people?
3) Progressives and their policies were crushed in Tuesdays elections
*Rick Caruso lead over Karen Bass is 42-37 in LA mayors race – Both go on to the fall
4) Biden promotes false narrative on Kimmel interview that “democracy is in danger”
*The only REAL danger is his and Democrat Party policies
5) Law clerks are lawyering up in Supreme Court leak case
6) Radical Democrats block bill to provide security for Supreme Court Justices after it passed the Senate unanimously
*Protestors target Kavanaugh home
**Man arrested for plotting to kill Kavanaugh charged with Attempted Murder – Schumer rhetoric blamed for which he later apologized
7) Democrats pass a gun control bill that has no chance of passing the Senate – Why not work with the Senate?
*Answer – They would rather debate the issue than solve the problem
8) Ukraine war with Russia rages in Donbas while many more bodies are found in Mariupol
9) Jan 6th committee is all about preventing Trump from running in 2024 – Why? – FEAR
10) Biden in LA for Summit of Americas – Numerous leaders did not attend
*Focus is on Economic development, climate change and immigration
11) 85% of Republicans and 65% of Democrats are NOT Happy with crime going up and they blame democratic policies
*72% of ALL Americans want more done – Highest level this century!

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