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8/31 Deadline Looms with Chaos Continuing – Biden Appears Clueless? | Schaftlein Report

Rumble — 8/31 Deadline Looms with Chaos Continuing – Biden Appears Clueless? | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Jennifer Kerns – All-American Radio Nationally Syndicated Host ( ), and pulisher for All American News ( )
1) We still have 8,000 Americans stranded in Afghanistan – Christians are at peril going through Taliban checkpoints on the way to the airport
*Reports of people being beaten – Afghans pack sewage filled canal hoping to escape – Taliban warns women to stay inside
2) Andrea Mitchell of NBC news – “Biden’s policy is a DISASTER”. Kevin McCarthy – “Biden ruined the U.S. reputation”
3) Biden approval rating crashes to 41% approval and 55% disapproval – Only 32% of Independents approve of his presidency – His average polling numbers are at 44%
*76% believe he will let the Taliban capture American citizens
4) Supreme Court reinstates Trump’s remain in Mexico Policy
5) House moderate Democrats (if there is such a term) reach agreement with Speaker Pelosi on 9-28 vote date for the real $1.2T Infrastructure bill #1 vote
*This paves the way to begin the process on the much bigger “fraud infrastructure bill” moving through he House
*Oh by the way – Only 11% of Rental Assistance monies have been distributed
6) More and more organizations are requiring employees be vaccinated. Delta Airlines imposes $200 monthly fine for un-vaccinated
*Pentagon to begin requiring vaccinations for military personnel
7) In CA recall election, VP Harris to campaign in SF for Newsom – Biden: “NO”
*Larry Elder gaining ground with endorsement of a former State Senate Majority Leader who by the way is a Democrat
8) Herschel Walker announces Georgia Senate candidacy to run against Sen. Warnock – He must first win the Primary
9) In a head to head match up of Trump versus Biden new poll shows Trump winning by 53-47% three years prior to the Election – Buyers Remorse Anyone?

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